Specific strenghts and special areas of knowledge

In the many years I am working in sales some very specific strengths and interests have emerged:

Optimisation of sales processes and sales organisations

My MBA studies and my Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems have confirmed my impression that there is a lot of room for improvement in sales processes. In most organisations the years and decades have formed processes that work but are no longer the best fit. They are treated as "given" and not questioned. Another point are computerised information systems. Way and again companies implement information systems aimed at supporting the sales people but effectively being an obstacle. The result then is that the sales people spend more and more of their precious (and expensive) time in front of their computer and preparing reports instead of dealing with the customer.

Information systems in a sales environment

Together with you I will gladly work out the information you really need and which information systems. This can be a CRM system or a business intelligence system but need not be. Less can be more! Way and again I find a plethora of Excel-Sheets, I am shown KPIs from which no course of action can be derived or that focus the wrong indicator (you get what you measure or pay for) and people wonder why things go awry. To be frank, no information system can substitute an efficient and effective organisation or processes.

CRM Systems

CRM systems are the information system for any sales organisation. Based on my experience with a a large number of CRM systems I will gladly support you in defining the functional specification, evaluating the systems, selecting the suitable system and the partner to implement it and I can accompany you and the implementation partner in the implementation period. Always bear in mind more than 70 per cent of all CRM projects fail for mostly simple reasons; for reasons that could have been easily avoided. Nearly never is the technology to blame. Generally spoken: Any CRM system is better than working without. If you have a CRM system in place that isn't used I'll also support you in re-activating the system. Any CRM system should support and assist your sales people and and not hinder them.

The topics I am most often called on in this respect, especially from the SMB sector:

Send your detailed enquiry and ask for an appointment. After the appointment I will estimate the work necessary, whether or not I need further people involved etc. and mail my quotation. What I won't do is sell you a specific CRM system. I want to remain independent from any publisher but you profit from my experience with many different CRM systems and from my experience in all sales roles.

Setup, grow or manage a sales department or sales team

As Sales Manager or Project Manager in sales I regularly have to setup new teams or even new departments. Sometimes the teams even have to be set up only temporarily instead of permanently. Sometimes just an increase in performance is required. Just place your enquiry.

Setting up telemarketing or telesales teams and departments or managing them

After founding and running a telemarketing and telesales company for well over 10 years as General Manager I dare say I can do it for you too. At the time my company was specialised on capital equipment, B2B business, software and laboratory equipment. Here too, just send your enquiry.

Develop sales strategies or sales concepts

You have a new product? You are a startup? Your turnover is decreasing? You are losing customers? You want to attract new customers? Your are seeking new markets? Well, let's get together and talk about it. We can develop a fitting strategy or concept for you. Being different from others, I don't only develop the strategy I'm also willing to implement it.