Terms and conditions

Generally anything is open for negotiations.

To set the scene here is what I have in mind:


As Interim Manager a day rate of 1,200.-- Euros per day plus VAT. The actual rate will depend on the indicators: project scope, number of days and the kind of job you are hiring me to do. I'll gladly meet up with you and then prepare a quotation.

An exception is the development of sales kits, sales concepts, sales strategies or business plans. These are normally billed with a fixed fee which has to be agreed upon.

Contract or temporary employment

I expect an annual income in the range of 120,000 to 150,000 Euros depending on the length of the contract.


I am perfectly aware that no startup ever has enough funds available. Thus I am willing to compromise and reduce my day rate and accept shares as part of my payment instead. Provided though, I get to know the idea and have access to the business plan. If both are convincing I'm willing to be flexible.