Projects as Interim Manager

The most interesting projects in the last years:

Lechwerke AG
Building, managing and leading a sales team of up to 20 independent sales people. The target was to sign up 4.000 new partners for their customer loyalty card "easy living". The partners to originate mostly from the retail and leisure sector. The project could be successfully completed six months ahead of schedule. I was deployed into the project as Interim Manager by SALT IT.
T-Systems MMS
Selling Microsoft CRM as normal Account Manager until a person for permanent employment could be hired. Further to the standard CRM T-Systems has developed a customised version for managing shareholders and a version to cover and document the legally required profiles of customers in the financial sector. The version to manage shareholders is targeted at the investor relationship departments. I was deployed into the project as Interim Manager by SALT IT.
A reseller of incentives and free flight vouchers
This company acts as reseller of the free flight vouchers from Inspire (formerly Fresh Rewards) in Germany. These vouchers are sold to companies that hand them out as incentive to customers. Goal was to build the necessary sales team within certain constraints.